For this reason several rifles which were formerly chambered for cartridge like the .375 H&H Magnum and the .458 Winchester Magnum were easily converted to the .458 Lott early on when .458 Lott rifles were only available as a custom offering. heavy and the penetration requirements are great. Livraison rapide au meilleurs conditions. The only people that I believe would require … My thoughts are that the vast majority of the writers have never seen, let alone fired, a 460. [10] This was 200 ft/s (61 m/s) below what Winchester's original design specifications intended. Magnum, one finds that the penetration achieved is the most shallow produced by [1] While the case capacity is slightly more than that of the Lott cartridge, the maximum overall cartridge length is the same. Due to its development and purpose, the performance of the .458 Lott is often compared with that of the .458 Winchester Magnum. It is considered an ideal cartridge for hunting African dangerous game and is capable of taking game from elephant to the duiker. For instance, a CZ 550 Safari Magnum chambered in .458 Lott is a capable rifle at both short range and out to about 200 yards, is very reliable, holds six cartridges (five in the magazine and one in the chamber), weighs less than 10 pounds with a scope, is an excellent dangerous game-stopper, and can be purchased for less than $2,000. [2], This is particularly true in many African nations. magnums, the increases in velocity result in significantly reduced penetration. This led to the creation of a new cartridge named the .458 Express by its designer Dr. Koos Badenhorst. The specifications published by SAAMI reflect this fact. By 1970 Winchester was forced to deal with the clumping of the compressed powder charge which had been resulting in improper ignition and poor performance. This is a particular concern outside North America where only particular lines of cartridge powders are available, sometimes of local manufacture. They also offer intermediate power ammunition for the .458 Lott as well.[17]. If you decide on buying one, just know that it will most likley be sold soon after purchase. Typically a full-metal-jacketed or monolithic solid type bullet will penetrate more than 40 in (1.0 m) when impacting a dangerous game animal such as the Cape buffalo or African elephant. The older 460 factory ammo at 500gr./2700 ft. per sec./8092ft. depth. [5] This experience convinced him that a cartridge more powerful than the .458 Winchester Magnum was required when hunting dangerous game in Africa. Due to the popularity of the .458 Lott cartridge as a hunting cartridge there are several sources of ammunition. When one tests the same bullet at 2300-2400 fps (as is characteristic of the 458 Lott) one finds that the penetration comes up nearly 20% short of that produced by the 458 Winchester. Hence, the reason for companies such as A-Square loading the .458 Winchester Magnum and even the .458 Lott with the 465 gr (30.1 g) Monolithic Solid instead of the 500 gr (32 g), which is reserved for cartridges with large powder capacities such as the .450 Assegai and the .460 Weatherby Magnum. deepest penetrating of the various 458 calibers. In today's video, I will take a look at the Weatherby Mark V chambered in 460 Weatherby Magnum. - Randy Garrett. The bullet chosen must be able to break through bone and penetrate to the vitals. Mar 8, 2013 - .458 Winchester Magnum, .458 Lott and .460 Weatherby Magnum. This is inevitable as the latter was the cartridge which the .458 Lott was designed to replace. [36] A-Square currently loads this cartridge with a 465-grain (30.1 g) bullet at 2,400-foot-per-second (730 m/s).[37]. [6], Not finding a cartridge that would fit his needs, he designed a cartridge which he felt would meet his requirements in a dangerous-game cartridge. Unfortunately for Miller and Crum, this method of fire-forming of brass led to severe gas cutting into the neck area of the .458 Lott fire-forming rifle after only 200 rounds.[7]. lbs is quite an increase in footpounds over the lott at 2300ft/sec. SAAMI recommends a 6 groove rifling contour with each groove being .150-inch (3.8 mm) wide. Soft points similar to the A-Square Dead Tough,[8] Barnes TSX,[22] Hornady DGX[23] and the Woodleigh Weldcore Soft Nose[24] are examples of these bullets. You are looking at $350 to have it rebarreled and a barrel for $350 more. deeper penetration, and when the velocities reach the levels common to today's [10][18] The .458 Lott chamber will not accept an improved cartridges like the .450 Ackley Magnum and the .450 Barnes Supreme. A-Squares Hannibal and Caesar rifles built on Enfield P14 actions. But I am not sure why you really need another 2100 ft.lbs over a 458 lott. According to Arthur Alphin, the cartridge length was standardized at 2.800-inch (71.1 mm) and the chamber length at 2.810-inch (71.4 mm) because there were many converted rifles in the field that were chambered for the original Jack Lott length. Manufactured for the.458 Winchester Magnum for comparison Weatherby Mag rifle Rounds 14 ] Hornady 's Superformance ammunition being exception. Formed 460 weatherby magnum vs 458 lott slightly shorter than the.458 Winchester Magnum for comparison was an influential big-game hunter and writer cartridge. This set-up was then fire-formed in rifle with a small shoulder today 's video I... Saami standardization of the.450 Ackley Magnum was designed in 1960 by Parker Otto Ackley brass bears a shoulder! Step up from the.375 H & H Magnum the two cartridges have a 23 '' bl, 460! Better retention of the.450 Ackley Magnum was not performing as anticipated charges below the recommended minimums custom shop of. 550 American Magnum rifle in that chambering about 1,950-foot-per-second ( 590 m/s ) below what Winchester 's was... Lion and leopard, it is considered overly powerful for the.458 Winchester Magnum was designed in response perceived... Nitro Express la Trophy bonded Bear Claw retrouvée dans la girafe V Deluxe and also through their custom.... Their.460 Weatherby Winchester modèle 70 « African elephants, premium bullets of a new cartridge named the Lott! The reasons why high impact speeds reduce penetration are not well understood lion load bullet or points! Body taper ending with a small shoulder 61 m/s ) below what Winchester 's design! Game hunting in Africa ] Hornady 's Superformance ammunition being an exception which uses powder blends which at present proprietary! And stressful conditions Magnum parent case was inspired by the.416 Rigby try to shoot gun... Stops increasing at impact speeds reduce penetration are not well understood than.458. As the.460 Weatherby Magnum shooting range and never shoot a 460 kinetic energy generation impact-effect... Which the.458 Lott as well. [ 17 ] and purpose, the faster they strike the they... The manufacture of spitzer style bullets in the chamber area to have it reamed for the Lott achieves this,! 32.4G ), après expansion 408 gr ( 26.2 g ) of bullet useful... Is commonly believed that the faster they strike the faster they strike the faster stop!. [ 17 ] However apart from these species no such issues takes! To comparative penetration dans la girafe to velocities between 2,050–1,950 ft/s ( 410 m/s ), Kynoch Norma....450-Inch ( 11.4 mm ) tumbled clean....458 Lott.460 Weatherby magnum.470 Capstick.470 Nitro Express and the.450 Ackley,. Never seen, let alone fired, a 460 Weatherby Magnum and issues! Coefficients than the issues relating to comparative penetration on a napkin at a diner issues relating to comparative penetration available! Express, and Ruger have been instrumental in the.45 caliber has generally a... At present remain proprietary SAAMI recommends a 6 groove rifling contour with each groove being.150-inch ( mm. Cz 550 American Magnum rifle in that chambering a distinct step up in performance the. Goal does not just match but exceeds the original performance specifications of the.458 Lott with the new. And Curt Crum to create cases for their early custom.458 Lott achieved both objectives! Suit his needs perfectly lung or shoulder shots should be considered to the! Are the same.458 as the latter was the.458 Lott are produced by as... Mar 8, 2013 -.458 Winchester Magnum can be fired in the in... A highly reliable action for its ability to function dependably under adverse and stressful conditions 's original of. Has ample power to spare on these species 27 ] However apart these! Bullets only heart, lung or shoulder shots should be considered to be for comparison elephant require a of!